Friday, December 13, 2013

Another way to make money online.


I found this site where you can get paid to click BUT you do not have to. You can just do the auto surf feature and make almost 7 cents a day this is not including what you can make with clicking ads for cents as well. By far I think this site is most worth it for the time and effort. Also, low cashout means more fun lol there are also other ways you can make money on this site as well. Have a look :}

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Best Spanish 21/Blackjack strategy

I have found a really great strategy for a game called Spanish 21 it is a card table game in most casinos. It is a variation of Blackjack but is becoming more popular because you have more ways to win a lot of money with it. I just wanted to share a site where I found a great system for Spanish 21 and is quite fun to use.

Most the time when I play Spanish 21 or Blackjack I usually just hope I get lucky lol but this strategy helps with when to hit and stand or double down and many other areas where most confused about or plain just don't know any ways have a look see. Enjoy! :}

The Best Spanish 21 Strategy