Friday, December 13, 2013

Another way to make money online.


I found this site where you can get paid to click BUT you do not have to. You can just do the auto surf feature and make almost 7 cents a day this is not including what you can make with clicking ads for cents as well. By far I think this site is most worth it for the time and effort. Also, low cashout means more fun lol there are also other ways you can make money on this site as well. Have a look :}

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Best Spanish 21/Blackjack strategy

I have found a really great strategy for a game called Spanish 21 it is a card table game in most casinos. It is a variation of Blackjack but is becoming more popular because you have more ways to win a lot of money with it. I just wanted to share a site where I found a great system for Spanish 21 and is quite fun to use.

Most the time when I play Spanish 21 or Blackjack I usually just hope I get lucky lol but this strategy helps with when to hit and stand or double down and many other areas where most confused about or plain just don't know any ways have a look see. Enjoy! :}

The Best Spanish 21 Strategy

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Online Game called Marketglory

Hey now this is interesting while I was browsing the net for online games I stumbled onto a site called it is a browser game where you can actually make real life monies as you play. I have been playing this game for about a month now and it seems to be legit. Also, people already have cashed out money from it, but the thing that sucks is you start out with nothing and you need to build yourself from bottom up I guess it is like real life where you start out with nothing then as you go through life you build yourself either with more money or even a company. This game is exactly that, also I learned quite a bit about the game so if you decide to join let me know :} I will be glad to help you out. Its worth a shot though you can play for free. Tell me what you think ^_^

Xbox One

                                                                        Xbox One

I found this site and figured I would recommend it on my blog. Because I found me a Xbox One Console - Day One Edition for a great price. :} I love Xbox always been a fan since day one and with Halo omg! Growing up with these types of games just makes my life so much better. Nowadays there is tons of other really bad things to get into like gangs or just plain causing trouble and drugs, so thats why I choose to play games instead :}. I am anxiously awaiting Halo 5 for Xbox One and I am already equipped with all I need from this Store and didn't cost me an arm and a leg lol. 
Please leave me a comment and Tell me what you think either about Xbox One or the store. I always love hearing from new people.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paid to click service

I Have found this site very interesting and would like to share with all of you on my experience with it.

Well I like it because you can just click ads and get paid for it also you can advertise with them lets say if you wanted to sell a puppy or something you can set up a site and share it free by just viewing others sites on this site n this gains u credits to set ur site up for people to view.

Any ways I like it also because of a low cash out of $2 to your paypal, you can send it to ur paypal instantly :} give it a whirl I think you will like it to :} ill be looking for other interesting legit sites like this one and share with everyone.

Any questions just ask I will be glad to help.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An online job for lil extra monies ^^

Heya everyone! :} I am sorry for not being able to update my blogs I had thought it was not active for some reason lol. Anyways I am back, also I have found a site I think is good for people looking for a little extra income this site is called

It is a site where you can make money by just typing in captchas you know them annoying things sites make you do to verify you are human? lol well yea this time you can get paid for it also I have verified its legit so no worries along the way. Just sign up for free and make sure to have a active paypal because it uses the email for your paypal to send payments to you as you cash out bbbbuuuutttt on this site you need to actually have an invitation by someone to be able to join so here is a code you can enter to join

enter this code when registering: 7RPK

If you have any questions let me know :] ill do what I can to help you. I hope this site helps people in need of some money oh and you can keep doing it as long as you want or can handle lol good luck and happy typing!