Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sword Of Vengence

Take me away from lifes pains, clear my ways, show me to the other side, for love has turned into my enemy. Thoughts delude me, memories burn pieces of my already torn up heart. I shall stand alone against my enemy, all i have is this sword of Vengeance let it slice every thought i have of u cut out the part of me that cares for you.. You are dead to me. Lies are all that cloud my mind, feelings that were that of a fairy tale why must u send me so much pain i did nothing to ever accept this much from you.. Leave me, stay away for i am already on my knees begging for an understanding.. My sword will save me BE GONE ENEMY! i am in need of no more sadness never let me see that sparkle in your eye again for i will die slowly within the very sight of it.. BYE my sweet misery...


  1. Woah! Very well written!

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  2. Awe thanks sorry I didn't even know i got a reply since I didn't think this site was working >>